To whom it may concern:

Rick Jansen has completed two construction projects for us over the last year and a half. One was an addition to an existing home and the second was a kitchen-remodeling job. In both instances, Rick’s work represented outstanding work both structurally and aesthetically. We were especially pleased by the care with which he made certain that, when the job was finished, there was no evidence that the work was not part of the original structure.

Throughout the building activities, Rick consulted us frequently about our preferences and was conscientious about the precise execution of details. At all times, the worksite was clean and orderly. To insure our comfort during the often uncomfortable process of construction, Rick made certain that the site was absolutely free of sawdust and debris at the end of each work day.

Finally, Rick’s workmanship deserves special notice. More than skilled craftsmanship, Rick executes his work with attention to the beauty and overall presentation of the project. This special quality in addition to his precision are the reasons that it is our intention to come to Rick first for any future building projects we may have. We would recommend him without reservation.


Alan and Jan
Jackson, WY

To whom it may concern:

The purpose of this letter is to offer the highest possible praise for the work Rick Jansen has done for my wife and me as General Contractor for our home in Wilson, Wy.

Before purchasing a log shell building at 4320 W. Willowbrook Lane in Wilson, we communicated with several potential contractors including Rick, and , after giving full consideration to all factors, we decided to appoint Rick as our General Contractor should we purchase the house, which we eventually did.

Rick offered us advice on many factors to be considered prior to purchasing a home relative to our ultimate requirements for his house, and he made a full inspection of the building without any obligation on our part–reporting to us any potential deficiencies that may or may not have existed. Rick was aware of the fact that we did not plan to appoint a local architect, and that we were going to attempt to finish the house in accordance with plans that were to be submitted by our interior decorator (who was to be advised and guided by an architect located in his hometown). During the period when plans were being made, Rick was able to offer substantial guidance to us from a cost and time factor point-of-view, and throughout the course of construction his advice was informative, helpful and cost and time effective.

The two primary factors affecting our satisfaction with Rick are: (1) his obvious total integrity and willingness to supervise the accounting for all sub-contractor’s work– making sure that credits were accurately applied and all work was accomplished as originally intended, and (2) his total dedication to quality workmanship. Rick has demonstrated to us that he is capable of handling all details pertaining to the complicated task of finishing the inside of a home in a manner that was totally satisfactory to us.

We are happy to recommend Jansen Construction and, specifically, Rick Jansen as a General Contractor, and we would welcome a call from anyone who is anticipating a building project in the Jackson area to discuss this matter.

Charles and Patsy

To whom it may concern:

In the fall of 1993 Arthur and I had purchased a small guest ranch in Kelly, WY and we needed a cabin to live in until we could plan and subsequently build our house. We hired Jansen Construction to build the cabin, and were so satisfied that we never considered another builder for our house.

Rick Jansen is a master craftsman, an excellent supervisor of employees, and has a great ability to create order out of chaos. Time and again we heard from our friends that building a house was a nightmare, but for us it was a very exciting and rewarding experience.

Rick is not only a great finish carpenter but he also is the general contractor and project manager on the job. We chose to have an architect make the initial drawings and then have Rick do all of the interpretation and changes that had to be made along the way. It was a good choice, for the work could proceed without disagreement and Rick was qualified for the task. Rick would always ask us before he made any deviation at all in the drawing, or if he had two ideas on how to implement a change or a choice, and let us help him in the decision of how to proceed.

The finished product is therefore a wonderful house that exceeded our highest hopes. We are very proud of the house and very happy that we chose Rick to do the work. As a final touch he is now remodeling an old log cabin on the ranch, for Arthur’s office. We look forward to its completion.

Sue & Arthur

To whom it may concern:

On behalf of Mr. Rick Jansen, I am pleased to submit this letter of recommendation. He has built two houses for us in the past six years.

Rick and his family have been known to us for over 20 years. We have known Rick and other members of his family on a personal as well as a professional basis. Rick is an outstanding wood craftsman. He takes his work very serious, is hard working, is always very kind and always considerate. Rick seems willing to make the effort and goes the extra mile.

We can testify to his ability and professionalism. We know him well enough from the work he has done for us to know that any investment made in Rick Jansen will come back tenfold.

If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Respectfully Submitted
Simon and Connie

Dear Rick:

We were very lucky to have had you and your crew build our house in Moran. You did a beautiful job.

I admired your day-to-day approach to the work, keeping the schedule, treating the glitches with equanimity; and your never – well, hardly ever – cussing. You accommodated Tod’s and my sweat equity and never complained about our being in the way.

Since a picture is “worth a thousand words”, I am enclosing some pictures of the house and guest house. We would be pleased to show the house to anyone who wants to see your work. Please use us for a reference.

Thank you again, Rick, for your fine craftsmanship (and your mellow disposition).

Yours truly,

Megan and Tod


Thank you for everything! We have especially appreciated your dedication and friendship.

We are so happy with our new house and feel very thankful that we have had the opportunity to work with such a fine craftsman and truly good and honest person.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

With gratitude
Libby and Taylor

Dear Rick:

We want to express our thanks to you for building our new 4 bedroom home in the Wilson area of Jackson Hole. The process of working with you before, during and after the construction can best be expressed as a “pleasurable” personal and professional experience. Also, we are extremely satisfied with your work product. In summary, we are thrilled with our new family vacation home.

You are skilled craftsman, a good business man, and most importantly to us, a person of high integrity, We appreciate your strong worth ethic, creative, yet practical, approach to every design and construction detail, and your dependability, The workmanship is outstanding and you brought the job in on budget!

Please add us to your growing list of enthusiastically satisfied clients. We would be pleased and honored to serve as a business and personal reference.

Warm personal regards

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